About us

Corinne Crofford, Lindsay Gordon,  Rebecca Hovel and Ella Grace Downs here. The four of us have grown up fascinated by music — devoting time otherwise spent with family and friends to attend concerts, troll the World Wide Web and peruse record shops, all with the intention of discovering music that hits our ears just right. This blog is the result of those efforts.

Take a look. Have a listen. Pass it on.

SIDENOTE: Attempting to keep up with the constant influx of new music is something we’re only capable of doing under the influence of a steady paycheck. Only kidding - we’re actually just here to share with you what we’re currently into, new or old, in hopes that you’ll be into it as well.

We only post from sites like Sound Cloud or YouTube, but if you like a track, we strongly suggest supporting the artist and buying it legally from a platform such as iTunes.


We would love to hear from you - and we're always open to submissions! You can either email us at idigthistrack@gmail.com or fill out the form below!

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